Two new products launched!

Our two new products are now officially out! A birch infused vacuum distilled vodka named EIMIR and a super woody and delicious bitter called BÖRKUR! Both products are developed especially for the cocktail market but as they are so wonderfully well balanced and smooth they can both be enjoyed chilled or on the rocks. Available in Iceland through GlóbusAll international enquires to be sent via e-mail to

Mysa í vín

Áfengi unnið úr mysu. Það hljóm­ar kannski mis­vel í eyr­um manna en Mjólk­ur­sam­sal­an leit­ar samt sem áður leiða til þess að koma því á markað. Þetta verður lík­lega gert í sam­starfi við ís­lenska áfeng­is­fram­leiðand­ann Foss Distillery sem brugg­ar meðal ann­ars Björk og Birki snöfs­in.

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This is big!!

Foss distillery is extremely proud to announce that Drink Factory has been working on a new cocktail called “Initials” for one of the worlds best cocktail bar, 69 Colebrook Row. Using only our new birch vodka, birch bitter and birch syrup! The products are not even out yet but surely are getting some serious attention from some serious players! 

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Icelandic dairy and distillery team up to making liqueurs out of milk

Soon you might be able to sip Icelandic liqueurs made with alcohol distilled from all Icelandic ingredients: and milk. The Icelandic dairy company MS aims at using whey, which is a by-product when producing processed milk products, to manufacture ethanol. The ethanol would then be used to create alcohol which the distillery Foss would aims at use to manufacture spirits. Read more.

Samstarfsverkefni MS og Foss distillery

Mjólkursamsalan stefnir á að nýta þá mysu sem fellur til við framleiðslu á osti í etanólframleiðslu. Etanólið verður svo líklegast nýtt í framleiðslu á vínanda. Björn S. Gunnarsson, þróunarstjóri hjá Mjólkursamsölunni, segir að verkefnið sé á frumstigi. Það sé unnið í samstarfi við Matís, Háskólann á Akureyri og Foss distillery.

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En Half Hund – Cocktail

Published on 7 May 2015 on Youtube

Yet another Wednesday drink. This time presented by a true viking. And rightfully so, she’s the only Icelandic cocktail authority known to us in Copenhagen.

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Reykjavík Bar Summit was a thrill!

The blog world is going mad for the Reykjavík Bar Summit that was held late February here in Iceland. You can find endless articles where the bloggers rave about the event! It was fun, no actually it was epic!

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Reykjavík Bar Summit

Foss distillery is gearing up for next weeks Reykjavík Bar Summit! We are super excited to meet all the contestants this year and build future relationships.

Reykjavik Bar Summit is an annual three day event for bars from North America and Europe to gather and compete on a neutral ground in Iceland. The festival is celebration for the bar community and an event where bars can meet, battle it out, mingle, party and get inspired.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Check out the official website for the event.

Foss distillery on the Travel Channel!

Foss distillery was recently featured in a brand new show on the Travel Chanel called the Booze Traveler. It was filmed last spring and we have been eagerly waiting to see the episode featuring Iceland. Must say that we are very happy with the result and Ólafur Örn Ólafsson and Jakob Bjarnason did a great job!

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A great review of our Björk liqueur (in Icelandic only)

written by Sindri

Hér á Matviss kunnum við að meta vandaða innlenda framleiðslu og tökum því ávalt fagnandi þegar nýtt innlent áfengi lítur dagsins ljós. Að okkar mati er hreinlega leitun að íslenskara áfengi en því sem unnið er úr birki. Þannig er nýjasta vinkona okkar, hún Björk, íslenskari en sumarnætursólin og sæt eins og íslenska kvenfólkið; áhugaverður íslenskur líkjör sem vert er að líta betur á.

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Food and drinks show in Laugardalshöll.

Foss distillery spent the past weekend at the Food and drinks show in Laugardalshöll in Reykjavík. It was a very successful event and our products had a great response from the public. We allowed the public to taste our latest product, birch syrup, and it proved to be a massive success. People and companies are literally waiting for it to be launched. We cannot wait ourselves and are working hard at it!

Cocktail week in London and Kulturnatten in Copenhagen

Foss distillery spent the past week travelling to London and Copenhagen. In London we spent most of our time either in meetings or at NOLA bar where our fabulous American business partners, Avery and Janet Glasser, entertained the crowd with their brilliant New Orleans way of getting them to take their pants off! Kulturnatten in Copenhagen was a more civilised do and we loved how well Björk and Birkir were received by the public. Think it is save to say that the future is ours and we cannot wait to begin the next step in Foss distillery’s history!

2014 World Cocktail Championship!

Today, one of Iceland’s finest bartenders, Guðmundur Sigtryggsson, is competing in Cape Town in the 2014 World Cocktail Championship! Foss distillery is a proud sponsor and we look forward to hear how well he did!

Announcement from the Consulate General of Iceland in New York.

Foss distillery is heading to the US

Foss distillery, the makers of the unique Icelandic Birkir Snaps and Björk Liqueur, are heading to the US. All of the necessary documents and licenses have been finalized and the first bottles for the US market are in the final stages of production. The plan is for Björk & Birkir to be available by the beginning of October. Vendetta Spirits, a New Orleans based company, will handle the importation and oversee all the sales and marketing of the products in the US.

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Birkir in Greenland!

VESTURPORT Theater Group participated in the new-circus show TOQQARTAT in Greenland a short while ago. They kindly brought some Birkir with them to introduce to their fellow artists at the show and it was a huge success. Svenn Syrin, Greenlands National Theatre Director was clearly moved by the experience and went on to say “it tastes like a summer morning at home in the deep fjords of North Norway”!


Official launch of our new website!

Hello world!!

Our beautiful new website is finally finished and we are ever so proud of it! Here you can find all the relevant information about the company, our products, retailers, cocktails made using our products and last but not least news of the company. More products are on the horizon and Foss distillery is soon heading to the US so stay tuned!