Foss distillery on the Travel Channel!

Foss distillery was recently featured in a brand new show on the Travel Chanel called the Booze Traveler. It was filmed last spring and we have been eagerly waiting to see the episode featuring Iceland. Must say that we are very happy with the result and Ólafur Örn Ólafsson and Jakob Bjarnason did a great job!

In 15 1-hour episodes of Booze Traveler cocktail connoisseur Jack Maxwell travels around the world, one drink at a time. Maxwell grew up in south Boston where bars served as the neighbourhood living rooms, hosting family dinners, birthdays and weddings. In this new series, he will take his respect and appreciation for specialty cocktails to explore new locales, seeking out the people, places, customs and cultures behind drinks across the globe. 

A statement from the producer says “Volcanoes and icebergs. Real vikings and imaginary ‘hiddenfolk’. Reindeer food turned into alcohol, a grandma-recipe moonshine that makes you see better, a rotten shark challenge that we will never forget, and beautiful people that can survive anything and make it look gorgeous. One of the most exciting countries we have filmed at!”. We at Foss distillery can only agree to that!

Here is a link to the episode, check it out!: