En Half Hund – Cocktail

Published on 7 May 2015 on Youtube

Yet another Wednesday drink. This time presented by a true viking. And rightfully so, she’s the only Icelandic cocktail authority known to us in Copenhagen.

The birch trees don’t grow much higher than a human in Iceland, despite volcanic ash enriched soil, sulphuric thermal water and (at least in peak summer) everlasting sunshine. Let’s blame it on oil-spills and fracking in the gulf of Mexico. But we all know that quantity does not necessarily means quality. These birch trees make quite a tasty liqueur and plentiful Icelandic mineral water (among other ingredients) makes for a fantastic Gin. For LONG ICELADIC ICED TEA we used Vor Pot Distilled Gin, Björk Birch Liqueur, Camomile Sirup, Lemon Juice and chilled, sparkling Mint Tea. Although your tonights drink will not be touched by a viking half-goddess, your common barkeep will try his best to make it as well tasting as possible.

It’s a must watch!! (In Danish)