Announcement from the Consulate General of Iceland in New York.

Foss distillery is heading to the US

Foss distillery, the makers of the unique Icelandic Birkir Snaps and Björk Liqueur, are heading to the US. All of the necessary documents and licenses have been finalized and the first bottles for the US market are in the final stages of production. The plan is for Björk & Birkir to be available by the beginning of October. Vendetta Spirits, a New Orleans based company, will handle the importation and oversee all the sales and marketing of the products in the US.

Vendetta Spirits is an import company led by the owners of Bittermens, a family-owned producer of hand-made cocktail bitters and liqueurs. Vendetta Spirits specializes in nano-importing unique liqueurs and spirits from small distilleries throughout the European countryside. Co-Founders Avery and Janet Glasser focus on sourcing and importing new products for the massive cocktail community in the US.

Bittermens recently launched a line of Nordic inspired spirits under the name DALA Bittermens and believes that the Foss distillery’s products fit perfectly with their personal vision of getting Americans to experience the unique flavors of the Nordic countries.

Björk & Birkir are uniquely Icelandic – produced by using birch and birch sap and the distillery is thrilled to be in such demand overseas. The products are already available in Denmark, as well as Iceland, and negotiations with several other distributors around Europe are in progress. It is only a matter of time before Foss distillery will be a well known brand around the world.”