Reykjavík Bar Summit was a thrill!

The blog world is going mad for the Reykjavík Bar Summit that was held late February here in Iceland. You can find endless articles where the bloggers rave about the event! It was fun, no actually it was epic!

But the most thrilling thing for Foss distillery is that everyone was going mad for a new product of ours that hasn’t even been launched yet!

It is called Birkir bitter, it’s similar to Birkir Snaps but the product hasn’t been sweetened at all with our birch syrup. Hence the name, Birkir bitter. The bartenders love it!

Here is a cocktail that came out of RBS and has our Birkir bitter in it:

The Birch Martini – Gilt Bar, Copenhagen

  • 45ml Geranium Gin
  • 20ml Birkir Bitter (Foss Distillery, Iceland)
  • 1 Dash of Amber Bitter (a reduction of a distillate on dusted amber and neutral spirit)

And here are few links to RBS articles:

Enjoy the read and we hope to see you next year for Reykjavík Bar Summit!