This is big!!

Foss distillery is extremely proud to announce that Drink Factory has been working on a new cocktail called “Initials” for one of the worlds best cocktail bar, 69 Colebrook Row. Using only our new birch vodka, birch bitter and birch syrup! The products are not even out yet but surely are getting some serious attention from some serious players! 

Previously, Drink Factory had developed a cocktail for the renowned Zetter Townhouse in London using our beautiful Björk liqueur. This followed with a huge interest from Drink Factory in Foss distillery’s product development. The products used in this new cocktail at 69 Colebrook Row, or better known as “The Bar With No Name”, have not even been launched here in Iceland. But such was the enthusiasm from Drink Factory that they simply just couldn’t wait!! We look forward to bigger and better things with such superstars in the business. Takk fyrir okkur!